Dear colleagues,

We have no doubt that you are all aware about the dynamism of our field in medicine.  Beside our local clinical activities and experiences, international meetings are providing unique opportunity for us to share our own clinical practices and new developments.

The International Internal Medicine Training Meetings - 11 will be held on September 22th-23th 2017 in Tallinn. The topics with a special focus on Diabetes will be presented by internationally qualified names and we will seize the opportunity to learn and have discussions together.

We are hoping to leave the International Internal Medicine Training Meetings – 11 with an intensive accumulation of knowledge, which we could convey to our daily practices, as well as our theoretical equipment.

The social events also aim to bring all of us together and offer us the opportunity to mingle in non-scientific, beautiful settings. We will be all together on the most beautiful nights of the Baltic and we hope, will collect marvelous memories.

With our warmest regards, we are inviting all of you to join the International Internal Medicine Training Meetings - 11. 

Prof. Dr. Kerim Güler
Turkish Society of Internal Medicine 
Prof. Margus Lember
Estonian Society of Internal Medicine


INTERNATIONAL INTERNAL MEDICINE TRAINING MEETINGS – 11 / September 22-24, 2017, Tallinn, Estonia